Great Dragons

Millenia ago, the world was ruled by 15 Great Dragons. These Dragons commanded god-like powers and were able to traverse the cosmos, creating life or causing destruction at their whim. They created the Dy’Voth to serve and worship them. The Dragons’ powers followed certain themes: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Aethyr. There were always 15 Dragons, but their individual identities were fluid. Somnambuliss tricked Goraurik into destroying one of the two moons of the world, plunging the world into chaos and the dragons into civil war.

Eventually, the Usurpers came, and Somnambuliss tricked the Dragons into attacking them. The Usurpers battled the dragons for dominance over the land, and eventually won.

The 15 Great Dragons at the time of Somnambuliss’ treachery were:

Somnambuliss: The Trickster, The Oracle

Leopa: Keeper of Secrets, Loremaster

Goraurik: The Hunter, The Fool

Elynsinias: The Blood Maiden

Ouroboros: Shatterstar, Scorcher of Souls

Falanei—A female Dragon of fire and air. She controlled lightning and thunderstorms and was also known as the Stormdancer.

Somenagoth—A male Dragon of fire and water.

Vulgoros—A male Dragon of fire and earth. A heavy black dragon of smoke and lava.

Phaedrielle—A female Dragon of pure fire.

Amarellis—A male Dragon of water and air. Controlled storms, rain & mist.

Deniath—A female Dragon of earth and air. Patron of predatory birds and large forests.

Amensalias—A female Dragon of pure air. Wind dragon who controlled the highest and coldest reaches.

Dulek—A male Dragon of pure stone.

Pylieras—A female Dragon of earth and water. Dragon of growth and vegetation.

Kailessa—A female Dragon of pure water.

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