Serafina Anduril

Tree Friend, Touched by Ether, Master of Flames, Chief of the Daughters of Calidar, Annoyer of Dragonkin


5’6" 150lbs, dark brown hair, blue eyes, tanned skin

Wears the Tears of Ahlia necklace that was given to her by Braeden Brightburn in Kuskarosa.

Ever since the fight in Ouroboros’s lair, Serafina’s nails and hair have been the color of a sunset. Her eyes are now an ashen grey. Her soul has been permanently changed by the Burning Ember.



Before the war, Serafina and Eliah chose a married life together in Leviathan and had a son named Bael. Soon after Eliah returned home from the war, tragedy struck. Serafina awoke one night to their home ablaze. She desperately looked for Eliah and Bael but could not find them before someone pulled her out of the fire. Strangely, she noticed that she had not been burned by the fire. The next morning there was nothing left but ashes and no way of distinguishing any remains.

In the following months Serafina turned to her friend, Bruinen, for comfort and companionship. She felt her power awaken and kept it a secret out of fear that she had been responsible for the fire that killed her husband and son.

At this time, Cyth was gathering humans together and many people were leaving Leviathan. Feeling as if she were a danger to others, Serafina stayed behind. Bruinen remained with her.

For several years she learned to control her magic in secrecy, still keeping it from Bruinen. He tried many times to convince her to rejoin the other humans but she refused. Eventually, Bruinen left Serafina. He told her that he wished to be around others and that he could no longer live their solitary life. People were moving to Finger Falls and he was going to join them. Bruinen expressed his regret and told Serafina to find him again if she ever made peace with Eliah and Bael’s deaths.

Once Eldeth’s Farm was cleared out by most humans, Serafina ventured forth. She felt in control of her abilities and thought that the calm and peaceful Dolgari would simmer the flames within her.

Serafina decided to rejoin human society and met up with Elrathia King and Stangil Drakebane at Fire Drake Mountain. In their initial travels together, they encountered Cernunnos, who attacked and nearly killed Serafina.

Since then, she has been traveling with them and working as a diplomat for Aristos. Along the way, she has endeared herself to Belaric and adopted a pet named Naiora.

A brief time spent in Kuskarosa lead to information from Leopa surfacing that changed her guilt about the death of her family and ignited a search for the truth. Reikasha’s inspection of her tattoo, swearing her to Somnambuliss, also revealed some new and mysterious information.

Serafina returned from the mission to Shaeth and Fey’oth a changed woman. She felt more confident in herself and her powers. She discovered the truth behind the tragic deaths of her husband and son. She made peace with the past and decided to live her life in the present… with Belaric. Serafina even decided to look out for young Sosyth Toth-Iluith and take her under her wing.

Shortly after their return to Voltierra, she agreed to go to the Great Heart Tree with Stangil and Sani Nodin to find Stangil’s son, Rondal, and investigate the mysterious ghosts plaguing the Lluaran forrest. After further entanglements with Great Dragons (Ouroboros and Goraurik), Stangil perished. Serafina suffered many serious injuries and was almost killed after being thrown by an ether explosion into a lava lake.

Months later, they found their way back to Voltierra with new wards ( Dy’Voth: Marine, Deltin) and Cadimus. Political turmoil was high and she traveled with Sani to repair relations with Azuldur, the Kings of Voltierra, and Atterick. During that time she also fulfilled a deal made with the Dy’Voth (for murdering 100,000 of their people) and returned three of their dragon eggs (in exchange for her, Sani, Rondal, Adlei, and all of their loved ones’ lives).

Meanwhile, Kalloruth had instructed the FimmDrekar to betray Elrathia. This was devastating news to humankind and Aristos sent an expedition to Drekar to retaliate.

In one year, Serafina helped destroy the body of one great dragon, the essence of another, and a drake. It was finally time to settle down. What place would be better than the new human city, Viettawyn, a place from her own dreams, led by her new husband, Belaric?

Together they had three children: Bel, Brae, and Shy.

Serafina Anduril

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