Once a normal, extremely short, young woman married to a man named Aldrin. He moved their small family (including an infant, Risis) into a large, creepy tree—as that is clearly the best place to raise a family. Aldrin became restless and abandoned his family to go adventuring.

Unbeknownst to them at the time, the tree housed the bones of Elynsinias the great dragon. The magic of Elynsinias slowly leached into Idara, possessing her and their personalities have merged to some degree over time.

She is extremely powerful and has provided invaluable assistance to humanity on several occasions, including when the veil tore, she assisted in preventing the destruction of the world until the portal could be closed.

She has several followers sworn to her, including Krolovik the Bound. It appears at some point over the years she has had at least one other child—Xerus, whose father is unknown.


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