Elrathia King

Elrathia King

Elrathia was raised by a Lluaran she called Grandfather, and spent more time with the Lluaran than the humans. She met Aristos Dar’Vol when he was on the run, and he was likely the first human she had ever encountered. Later she traveled with and fell in love with him, but their relationship is not widely known among the humans. Her powers had awakened prior to their travels, and she was able to control plants to a certain degree. While they traveled together, she also realized that she was immune to poisons.

She worked as Aristos’ covert agent for many years, traveling to where he asked and doing whatever he said. Including making inroads with the Feoral. Finally, he asked her to travel back to the Lluaran to seduce and manage Adlei Rhiggs, leader of the Seedlings to cement the relationship between the Lluaran and the Human Council. The relationship between the Lluaran and the humans, specifically Krolovik the Bound was strained due to his shenanigans in the past with the Tree of Life.

Unbeknownst to her, when she left for the forest she was already pregnant with Chaemlin, Aristos’ child. By the time she reached Grandfather, she was close to term and very ill. She gave birth prematurely, and Grandfather kept her presence a secret to keep her safe, in case the Lluaran wanted to use her against the Humans.

He asked Adlei for help in treating her, and she remained laid up for several months. By the time she had recovered enough to send word to Aristos, Nalya Dar’Vol had given birth to Denton Dar’Vol, who he thought was his firstborn. She remained on mission as instructed for several years, intending to return to the city with Chaemlin once the relationship with the Lluaran had stabilized.

Over time, she came to appreciate Adlei’s straightforwardness, especially as compared with Aristos, who had become increasingly manipulative and pragmatic over the years. She fell in love with Adlei and married him. They had Mellara a few years later.

She traveled back to Voltierra a few years later, when the children were old enough to travel safely so Aristos could spend time with his child. He kept his distance, which irked Elrathia and caused some strife between them. Denton tended to bully the smaller boy, and Aristos did little to intervene. While there, Chaemlin was playing with some of the other boys at the castle when he was thrown from a bridge and almost drowned. Elrathia firmly believed Denton had tried to intentionally hurt her son, and was infuriated that Nalya Dar’Vol did nothing to prevent the attack or discipline her son afterwards, blaming Chaemlin for it.

She left with Chaemlin and Mellara shortly after that and returned to Adlei. While she refused to return to the City for any long period, she remained loyal to Aristos and still carried out infrequent tasks for Aristos and would go herself to visit every few years.

She had two more children, Iselin with Adlei and Liana with Aristos.

When Chaemlin came of age, he started exhibiting powerful magic of a type that neither the Lluaran or Seedlings were familiar with. She brought her son back to the city so that Aristos could help manage his new powers.

She is adept with poisons and daggers, but neither of those facts is widely known.

Her leaf daggers, the Dirae, are of the finest Lluaran construction. They are made of twin long slender leaves, seamlessly grown as one solid piece with the hilt, and lacquered to be as strong as steel. The crossguards are long thorns that twist out around the blades. Inset into the pommels are small, deep red flowers which resemble roses.

She is drawn to powerful men (and women), and has been known to create them.

She later died in Aesteryl on a mission for Aristos. Mellara and Denton were also killed.

Elrathia King

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