Powerfully built Cragga with pale white marble-like skin and silver eyes.


King Atterick the Unkillable is immune to the weapons of his enemies and is a deadly combatant. Formerly captain of the Kingsguard, he rose to power when Krolovik discovered his royal ancestry. He holds progressive views for a Cragga, and chooses to ally and trade with other races rather than use them solely for slave labor. This position has weakened his support, and a civil war has dragged on for the last two decades as he continues his efforts to unite the Cragga.

Oremvir: Leaf bladed short sword with blue/silver blade. The guard is that of a pouncing lion. Name means Alacrity.

Aunglechel: Round, blue/black shield with pouncing lion. Name means Sanctuary.

Gave his dragon egg to Serafina Anduril and Sani Nodin as part of a trade agreement.


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