Aristos Dar'Vol


Wields the mystical staff Aethrymir, an enchanted artifact crafted from Soul Steel.


Along with Krolovik the Bound, Aristos is co-monarch of humanity and is sovereign of the city of Voltierra. A handsome and deeply charismatic man, Aristos was groomed to power in the old world and has spent the last 20 years forging a legacy for humanity in this one.

In addition to leading the humans and hosting the annual Summit, Aristos is also the most human sorcerer – adept at bending the fabric of space. His largest project has been the construction of teleportation waypoints in the major cities so improve travel and communication. Once completed, these will cement humanity as the hub of trade and diplomacy.

Aristos has two prominent sons, Denton Dar’Vol (son of Nalya Dar’Vol) and Chaemlin (son of Elrathia King). Both boys are of similar ages, which is the elder is not known. For many years it was assumed that Denton was the clear elder and heir, but since Chaemlin started demonstrating the Dar’Vol gift for magic the succession is in question.

His other children are Ristra and Risteron (with Nalya), Liana (with Elrathia), Claris & Vollera (with Asala), Dorran, Loseth, Damask, Ptolera, Tamann, Ptolmerys, Krollis, Melistra, Volyn, Marys, Aristerra, and Toseth.

After the deaths of Elrathia, Denton, and Mellara, Aristos stepped down as king. In doing so, he hatched one of the dragon eggs.

Aristos Dar'Vol

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