Wields Sumera – which means “Sunset” in Feoral. The curved blade is a length of blue metal with violet veins. The Feoral word for sunset is the same as the word for death.


Wife of Krolovik the Bound and long time friend with Laudengaul, Arianna is one of the most skilled blademasters in the world. Although mute, Arianna is often sought after for advice and guidance, which she gives only selectively. Although she is in her late 30’s, her dark, Feoral beauty has not faded – much to her chagrin as she is atypical in her monogamous views and is constantly the target of the advances of young feoral men. This ends badly for the men as Arianna is quite short tempered.

She does have a soft spot for children, however, and has a son, Zerston Dar’Vol, with Krolovik. She also had a large hand in raising Aluria – for the short time she was a child.

Traveled to Drekar with Serafina Anduril, Stangil Drakebane, and Elrathia King. Good friends with Serafina.


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