The March of Ages

Soulless and Undead


It was the morning after Elrathia and Serafina returned from rescuing people, including Rondall and Aleetha. Alverin and Serafina had been staying at Belaric and Belladonna’s house while in the city. Elraithia and Anissa came to the house to check on them.

The young man that was murdered in Ithaca’s home was one of Anissa’s sister’s sons. She was out for vengeance. Elrathia and Serafina told the others what happened, including that it was Risis behind the kidnappings. They agreed to go to Idara, Risis’s (crazy and also super powerful reincarnated dragon god) mother, to see what she knew of this, knowing that she was way overprotective about her son.

Elrathia, Serafina, Stangil, Anissa, Alverin, and Belaric set out for Idara’s tree house. Idara offered the visitors tea and listened to their narrative about her son. She noticed and did not take kindly to the fact that Stangil and Serafina, were sworn to Somnambuliss. Serafina became uncomfortable after speaking some words to Idara and promptly left the house.

The others continued to argue with Idara about Risis. She refused to go with them to find him, but wanted them to bring him back to her. It was well known that the mother and son did not have a good relationship and the group was concerned about getting him to come willingly. A timid voice volunteered from another room, it was Idara’s unknown son, Zerus. Idara would not let him go.

The party agreed to look for Risis together. No one would try to kill him for vengeance or raising the dead . The plan was to detain him and bring him back to Idara.

That night, when they had settled camp, Zerus appeared. He had followed them because he wanted to help bring Risis back.

The next day, they had tracked Risis to some salt flats and found him in a village full of undead. Stangil concocted a plan that began with diplomacy and incorporated backup. Stangil, Zerus, and Elrathia went into the town to talk to Risis. Their secondary plan was for Elrathia to poison Risis into an unconscious and/or paralytic state. The rest set traps and prepared for a fight with the undead.

When Stangil and Elrathia had Risis where they wanted him, Zerus used blood magic to separate Risis’s soul from his body. He would not tell to where the soul was bound. The bright blue light from his spell inside the hut was taken as a sign by the others to attack. Anissa broke the ground and made a mote around the village that filled with sea water from the adjacent bay. Serafina created a wall of fire. Most of the undead was in a confined area. The rest of the undead were forced south, where Alverin and Belaric were waiting with arrows.

All of the undead were killed and the village was set ablaze in the process. Stangil and Elrathia retrieved Risis’s limp body to safety. The group returned Risis and Zerus to Idara the next day. Stangil bravely entered the house to explain what happened. Needless to say, Idara did not like one of her sons missing his soul.


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