The March of Ages

Putting the Romance in Necromancy

Field Trip!

The morning after the New Moon celebration, Belladonna alerted Belaric that their daughter, Aleetha was missing. Serafina and Elrathia went with them to the Moon Village to help find her.

A dead body was discovered in Ithaca’s home and Ithaca was also missing. The team tracked through a system of caves in the mountains and then into the forest. Belladonna went to get help.

Elrathia, Serafina, and Belaric discovered a camp with a mysterious necromancer and undead guarding several captives. When it looked like a ritual was taking place, they acted and attacked.

Among the rescued were Ithaca, Aleetha, and Rondal.


bentpaperclip Rhy_Vix

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