The March of Ages

On the Road Again

The FimmDrekar, Elrathia, Stangil, Serafina, Arianna, Belaric, three scribes, and five teamsters set off with two wagons to Fey’oth.

They decided to stop at The Moot to meet with Laudengaul, with whom Stangil had unfinished business. Stangil and Laudengaul could not see eye to eye regarding the release of Givik so Stangil proposed a fight for honor, to which Laudengaul accepted.

Before the fight, Elrathia poisoned Stangil. Laudengaul was badly wounded, but Stangil conceded.

**The author can’t remember much else of this game. Apologies.


bentpaperclip Sariss

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