During the first consolidation of humanity, Triton was the only village to successfully refuse Cyth’s influence and remain independent. Located less than a day from the White Grove, they had strong ties with the Ailos. Through the war, they persevered, never in direct conflict with the bulk of Calinos’s forces, but weathering years of wandering packs of undead and worse.

After the war ended and Calinos’s forces were broken, a large contingent swept down and through the village. Aided by Krolovik the Bound, Aryan, Laudengaul, and Arianna, they were able to fight off the assault, but at great cost. With Krolovik’s urging, they moved to Eldeth’s Farm to recover.

Rodren has long been the leader of the people of Triton, who to this day remain loyal to him. He has a seat on the Council of Voltierra, and many believe that they may one day return to Triton to rebuild it.

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