The Primordial race of Wood.

Tall and thin, Lluaran usually have greenish skin with brown striations, though the opposite can also occur. They have wide, almond shaped eyes of brown, black, or green and green or brown hair. As a Lluaran ages, they become more plant-like, with bark like skin and leaf/grass hair.

When a Lluaran dies, their heart becomes a seed for a great Heart Tree that will grow from them. This is the Lluaran’s second life, and their memories are all stored in the Heart Tree and shared through the great root system underneath the ground.

The Lluaran primarily live in the forests to the West, and base their society around the Tree of Life. The Lluaran have a human group called the Seedlings who live with them. The Seedlings are tasked with guarding and caring for the Tree of Life.

An average lifespan for a Lluaran is 150 years.

Lluaran have extremely skilled craftsmen who can grow objects out of plants, trees, and flowers. They create their weaponry in this way, lacquering it to incredible strength. They have also developed a barter system, using seeds from the Tree of Life (which are quite common). These seeds, when planted, swiftly grow and bear enough fruit to feed a normal person a single meal. The seeds vary in the type of fruit they grow. The Lluaran began trading these seeds with the other races in exchange for other types of goods.


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