The Primordial race of Fire.

Feoral are tall and boisterous, with sharp features and short tempers. Their hair tends to be warm colors, black, or grey – as so their eyes.

They have a nomadic, clan based male dominated society. They deeply value their mounts, Urggen and believe that a man with no Urggen is not a man at all. Until recently, they have eschewed metal weapons, since the only metal available was flame steel, which they consider holy. Many still use the curved bokken staves in combat. They are by far the shortest lived of races and have no written languages, so many find ways to die gloriously so that they can be remembered through oral traditions.

The average Feoral lifespan is 50 years – though very few die of old age. Furthermore, they remain fairly vigorous up until they are near death, then deteriorate quickly.

Feoral of Note:


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