Coming of Man

When the world was young, 10,000 humans came to this world. They were children fleeing the ravages of war brought about by their parents, and they had a handful of elderly guardians to protect them. They spread out along the rivers to better provide food and look for the best places to live. As they spread, each village developed it’s own beliefs and government, but as the children grew older, Cyth began to gather up the villages under his rule. He managed to bring all villages save the villages known as Triton under his sway and things were mostly peaceful.

As they consolidated and expanded, humans discovered that they were not alone in this world. They shared the world with the primordial races: Feoral, Dolgari, Lluaran, Cragga, and Ailos. Although not all races welcomed them, the world maintained peace.

It was not to last. The humans came through a rift, and though the mages of their home world bound it shut as tightly as possible, it was not perfect and it allowed the darkness that had infected their home world to seep into the new one.


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Coming of Man

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