Telemaus Dar'Vol


Grandfather of Aristos Dar’Vol. His soul, or at least some version of him, appears to be bound inside the soulsteel tower of Aesteryl. When Stangil Drakebane and Elrathia King went to the tower on Aristos’ request, they triggered this magical manifestation of Telemaus.

He made them undergo a trial in order to remove anything from the tower, which was full of grimoires from the old world. He hinted that the magics there were those that resulted in the downfall of the human world, and that his son, Aristos and Krolovik the Bound’s father, was the one who caused the world to be destroyed.

The test was plunging a dagger through their hearts in order to prove their faith in their reasons for removing the dangerous books from the safety of the tower. Stangil refused, and while Elrathia hesitated for a moment, she did what was asked. Stangil became concerned and followed suit in order to save her. Together, they defeated a creature of Telemaus’ making, and were healed of their wounds. Stangil stated that it wasn’t necessary for them to take all of the books, but that they would take the ones that would help humanity the most. Telemaus allowed them to take several hundred tomes from the safety of the tower, and remained there, waiting.

Aristos sent Chaemlin to Aesteryl to recover any useful items, specifically the rest of the books, but it is unclear if they encountered Telemaus or even succeeded in breaching the tower. Elrathia warned Chaemlin of the dangers posed by Telemaus, even though he is Chaemlin’s blood relation, and asked him not to try to enter the tower.

Telemaus was also the moniker that Aristos used after he had stolen the soulsteel bound book of magic from Krolovik and Aryan and was in hiding while the studied its secrets.

Telemaus Dar'Vol

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