Sosyth Toth-Iluith


Sosyth Toth is the daughter of ArkonDesrond Toth. She ran away from home and married a skeezy emissary of Kalloruth from Fey’oth, Odoth Iluith.

Serafina Anduril was about to destroy Seripathia’s ship, the Dark Lady, in a conflict but hesitated because she saw a young girl on the Dark Lady. That hesitation led to the capture of the human emissaries, including Stangil Drakebane. They discovered Sosyth was a fellow captive of Seripathia’s. When the ship made port in Kuskarosa Sosyth escaped and sought out Serafina for safety.

Her brother, Gauladek had come to retrieve her, but Serafina and the others prevented him from doing so and allowed The Ghost, Reikasha, to ransom her as he pleased.

Sosyth was ransomed to Odoth Iluith and brought to Fey’oth. Soon after they were married, the FimmDrekar returned with the humans and Sosyth was once again reunited with her friend, Serafina.

Odoth volunteered for the emissary position in Voltierra and both he and Sosyth were on Braeden Brightburn’s ship with the humans on their voyage home.

Had a baby, named him Des, after her father.

Sosyth Toth-Iluith

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