Ouroboros was a Great Dragon of Aethyr and Fire. He was also known as the Star Father, the Ethereal Flame, the Phoenix, and the Uprisen.

While not as active as the other Aethyr Dragons, he has been seen by the humans. Elynsinias gave Ouroboros permission to use her agents, Krolovik the Bound to carry five Dragon eggs to the safety of his lair, which happened to be back in time. Trelias and Krolovik attacked the Tree of Life and the Lluaran and deposited the eggs in the lava in Ouroboros’ lair.

Back in the present, Elynsinias and Somnambuliss asked Stangil Drakebane and Krolovik to retrieve the eggs. When they arrive, there are mysteriously six eggs. Trelias, who has been guarding the eggs, attacked Stangil. Somnambuliss protected him, and in exchange asked Stangil to throw a chest into the lava in the lair. Krolovik told him not to, and Stangil deferred to Krolovik.

They retrieve the eggs, and split them up amongst Stangil, Krolovik, and Atterick.


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