Nalya Dar'Vol


Wife of Aristos Dar’Vol and Queen of Voltierra. Mother of Denton Dar’Vol, Risteron and Ristra, also with Aristos.

Formerly a close friend and confidante of Elrathia King. While both were Aristos Dar’Vol’s lovers, they got along very well. Nalya did not appear to have awakened, and so Aristos decided she should become queen and bear his line (at least the eldest) to eliminate the chance of having his firstborn not inheriting his magics. To assist, Elrathia helped Nalya prepare herbs to both aid in and prevent conception, to ensure that her children would belong to Aristos. She conceived Denton a few weeks before Elrathia left for the Lluaran forest, causing Aristos to relax and be less careful with Elrathia before she left.

Nalya was unaware that the same herbs she took wouldn’t work on Elrathia, so when she learned that Elrathia had had a child so close in time to hers, she became angry—thinking Elrathia was trying to usurp her position as queen and potentially in Aristos’ affection. She awakened shortly thereafter, and began exhibiting mild air magics.

When Elrathia returned with Chaemlin a few years later, Nalya was still angry—still convinced Elrathia was trying to replace her, so she never had children with anyone other than Aristos to solidify her position.

When Denton and Chaemlin began fighting, Nalya refused to intervene—hurting and angering Elrathia, who couldn’t understand why Nalya was acting so differently and would put her children in danger. She ultimately concluded that Nalya had become vain and foolish from her comfortable position.

Aristos never learned why the women fell out, and the two women have never discussed it.

Nalya Dar'Vol

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