Mature features with an aloof beauty – an old injury makes her periodically weep tears of blood from her left eye.


A powerful and remorseless warrior, Melanie was the Chieftan of the Blood Tear Clan, a position which is unusual for a female Feoral. She entered into a marriage of convenience with the older Laudengaul in order to merge his clan with hers and establish the Feoral kingdom of Calidar.

While she is a lesbian, she had four children with Laudengaul to establish their dynasty: Cole, Krollik, Anna, and Calidaran. Although Laudengaul has a close relationship with Krolovik the Bound, Melanie has never been particularly impressed by him; a fact which continually irks Krolovik the Bound.

Stangil Drakebane mistrusts her, Serafina is frightened of her, and she and Elrathia King are occasionally lovers.


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