Mature features with an aloof beauty – an old injury makes her periodically weep tears of blood from her left eye.


A powerful and remorseless warrior, Melanie was the Chieftan of the Blood Tear Clan, a position which is unusual for a female Feoral. She entered into a marriage of convenience with the older Laudengaul in order to merge his clan with hers and establish the Feoral kingdom of Calidar.

While she is a lesbian, she had four children with Laudengaul to establish their dynasty: Cole, Krollik, Anna, and Calidaran. Although Laudengaul has a close relationship with Krolovik the Bound, Melanie has never been particularly impressed by him; a fact which continually irks Krolovik the Bound.

Stangil Drakebane mistrusts her, Serafina Anduril is frightened of her, and she and Elrathia King are occasionally lovers.

After the attack on Fire Drake Mountain, she and the other Widows of Calidar attacked Azuldur at the Moot and she died in battle.


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