Larendan is a Feoral warrior in his mid-20s with auburn hair and a long red goatee to show that he is of the FlameTongue clan.

Larendan was the leader of the Flame Tongue clan, a small to mid-size Feoral clan of about 80 men. He made an alliance with another, smaller Feoral clan, to protect them through the winter. In exchange, the smaller tribe’s chieftan agreed to have his sister wed Larendan. However, the smaller tribe’s chieftan treacherously refused to honor his end of the agreement once the winter ended, causing the Flame Tongues to attack. Anissa, Alverin and Stangil Drakebane happened upon this fight. Believing that the smaller clan’s women and children were in danger and without thinking, Anissa attacked the wronged Flame Tongues, wiping out most of the fighting men in the tribe. Stangil Drakebane announced his presence, trying to stop the fight but the smaller tribe refused to listen, badly beating Larendan as Elrathia King arrived. Elrathia King treated Larendan as Stangil Drakebane figured out what happened. He lost an eye in this battle.

Having crippled the Flame Tongues, the group offered escort as many as were willing to Calidar. The Flame Tongue women and children, and the sister of the chieftan came. In an effort to try to fix their massive screw-up, the group taught them battle tactics, swordplay and masonry. Throughout the travel and in spite of her training, the Flame Tongue women made their hatred of Anissa known. One women even challenged her to single combat, and Anissa refused to fight back, resulting in the Feoral woman knocking her out.

In an effort to smooth things over, Elrathia King took Larendan as a lover, and set him up for success in Calidar. His women became renowned fighters under the tutelage of Stangil Drakebane, Elrathia King and Melanie and he was sent to govern the small waypoint at the base of Fire Drake Mountain.

The name of the other clan and that of their brash leader have been lost to history. They likely did not survive the season.


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