Givik is a member of an old Cragga bloodline that controlled the mountain on which Calidar was built. His grandfather was driven from Fire Drake Mountain by a great Drake, which was later killed by Stangil Drakebane.

Once the drake was gone, Atterick made a treaty with Laudengaul and Melanie so that the Feoral would retain the mountain.

However, Givik and his band of followers refused to honor this treaty and continued to launch raids against the Feoral on the Mountain. Stangil Drakebane, Content Not Found: alverin_, _Content Not Found: anissa, and Elrathia King were sent to capture or kill Givik. Givik, after his men were routed and he was defeated, called for a parlay and Stangil Drakebane promised him safe passage to and from Calidar. Once in Calidar, Laudengaul and Melanie wanted to put him on trial, while Alverin wanted to give him a portion of land on the mountain—arguing that Givik, who had done nothing but murder Feoral on the mountain, would help defend the Feoral if they gave him a piece of land. Stangil wanted to allow him to return to his followers, the Brotherhood of the Iron Skull, so his promise woudl be honored. Laudengaul and Melanie disagreed, and placed Givik in irons, to be tried and executed for his crimes against the Feoral people the following day. Stangil went to visit Givik that night, apologizing that he could not honor his word.

Givik convinced Stangil that his honor required him to do something about the situation, and so Stangil weakened Givik’s chains, allowing him to escape. On his way out, Givik set fire to a barn, and if Elrathia King, Serafina Anduril and Stangil Drakebane had not intervened, two Feoral women would have been killed and the whole city would have caught fire. Serafina tried to track him, but he escaped.

The same night as his escape, Stangil fled the city on a mission from Somnambuliss. His absence and Givik’s apparent ability to break metal chains did not go unnoted and Laudengaul and Melanie deduced Stangil’s treachery. This betrayal has caused a great rift between Stangil and Calidar, that even Laudengaul’s victory over Stangil in single combat has not been able to repair (see On the Road Again).

Givik popped up two years later. He joined forces with Azuldur and attacked Calidar. He is presumed to be dead after the explosion of the mountain.


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