Cyth was the former leader of humanity. He fancied himself an emperor, and had the villages pay him tribute.

He had a feud with Melkor, Jack of the Stone, and Mardi (all former PCs). When Cyth was trying to consolidate the villages, these three refused to comply. Cyth sent an agent to “convince” them, which resulted in the village granary burning down. The three went looking for Cyth and put a spear in him, but failed to finish him off. Later, they won a tournament run by Cyth, but refused to allow him to present them their laurels.

When the Kragga were on the cusp of enslaving humanity, after the shenanigans of Melkor and company, and Content Not Found: krollovik and Aristos were both operating independently and stealing people and generally causing mayhem, Cyth was stabbed by a Kragga. Krollovik was able to save him using magic, but it put a great strain on Cyth’s heart. He remained leader, as humanity consolidated to Eldeth’s farm.

Jack had planned to attack Eldeth’s Farm with a band of Feoral pirates, likely specifically to attack Cyth. Cyth managed to kill Jack by throwing his hawk shaped blade at Jack’s boat, using magic to make the blade fly like an eagle and burst into flame. The strain was too much for Cyth’s heard though, and he died. Cyth has one son with Asala, Luke Cythson.


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