Father of Adlei and Aluria, the Seedlings. His wife, Rhigga, was accidently killed by the infants, as they put down roots when they sleep and draw energy from whatever (or whoever) is nearby. His loss drove him to madness. Convinced that the Seedlings and the Lluaran who protected them were evil, he fled into the forests, determined to kill as many Lluaran and Seedlings as he could. He was also responsible for putting Serafina in a coma, and nearly killing her . His last known location was in the Lluaran forests in the far east.

He may be sworn to an unknown dragon, as he tried to interfere with Stangil Drakebane’s mission to Aesteryl and had a dragon tattoo on his chest.

His tattoo was later identified by Reikasha as a symbol for Goraurik..


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