A handsome, intense woman with an bloodthirsty gleam in her eyes and a short handled, curved spear slung over one shoulder.


Daughter of Laudengaul and Melanie, Anna takes after her namesake, Arianna, in aggression and combat prowess. She revels in crushing her foes and delights in their utter defeat. She is the eldest of their twins, her brother being Krollik.

She and Krollik are the most dangerous of their siblings. While both are vicious, she is the more intelligent of the two, and Krollik often follows her lead. While Cole and Calidaran are often tasked with being the diplomats of the family, Anna & Krollik are the blunt instruments, used when power needs to be displayed and awe stricken into enemies.

Fearful whispers have been heard worrying about if something should happen to Cole and Anna is left to claim the seat of power.

After the destruction of Calidar, she was a powerful part of the Attack of the Widows against Azuldur at The Moot. She survived and was offered the title of chief of the Daughters of Calidar by Serafina Anduril.


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