The March of Ages


When we last left our intrepid adventurers…

Stangil Drakebane and Serafina Anduril had returned to Voltierra from a year-long diplomatic mission. At some point in the night Belaric was injured badly and was bedridden until further notice.

The next morning…
Sani Nodin, a travelling merchant awoke in his home in Voltierra. He had arrived late the night before. Sani went to his mother’s home early to visit and heard about the excitement of the summit, which had brought him here for work. He then visited his good friend, Aluria, a fellow Seedling and a council member. They discussed the situation with the Feoral and Laudengaul’s successor. Finally, the “ghosts” sighted in the Lluaran forest to the west.

Maloran Argent, worshiper of the sun, greeted the morning with a workout and then greeted his mother and sister. As the day began for others, he visited his good friend, Corezzo, to discuss the summit. Maloran was very eager to learn about the politics, leaders, and be involved in the summit for the first time.

Stangil and Serafina found themselves wanting to speak with Aristos about going west to find Stangil’s son, Rondal.

Serafina discovered that Aleetha was carrying Rondal’s child.

The Lluaran agreed to allow the humans to send more people west, under the condition that they bring a Seedling. Sani was chosen. Stangil asked for volunteers. Maloran was eager.

Avar of the Burning Dogs faction of the Feoral interrupted the summit to call out Lauudengaul and claim that Azuldir deserves a seat on the council.

Throughout the day Serafina had sought out Braeden Brightburn and Sosyth Toth-Iluith for different reasons, ensuring that the Drekar were having an easy time settling into this new and strange society.


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