The March of Ages

Other Peoples' Business

As the humans re-oriented themselves, Ky’Lea, the leader of the dozen Lluaran, explained that the Cragga were specifically destroying Heart Trees. The Lluaran were having difficulty fighting them off because Cragga can see through their natural camouflage.

They walked a day north so Stangil Drakebane, Serafina Anduril, Sani Nodin, and Maloran Argent could speak with the Cragga, in the hopes of solving this conflict diplomatically. They learned that the Cragga had an outpost headed up by Lord Varrikin.

The Cragga treated the humans strangely, with disdain even. Before the meeting with Lord Varrikin, Serafina was given clothing to cover herself, following the custom for women in the Cragga culture. At the meeting they learned that someone named Abigor who lived in the city of Kunik had a contract out for the Heart Trees. Unless that contract was pulled, Lord Varrikin would not call his men in. Kunik was another two days north.

It was decided among the four humans that they would spare the time to go to Kunik and meet with this Abigor. As it turned out, Kunik was a rather large Cragga city deep in the mountains. They were directed toward a giant gladiatorial colosseum that was being constructed out of primal materials. It was a grand and gaudy tribute to death.

Abigor, it turned out, was a human that Stangil and Serafina recognized from their younger days. Abigor used to be Tamarin. It had been twenty-five years since Stangil had last seen him and he was believed to be dead. Tamarin, Abigor, had been living and fighting here as an enslaved gladiator.

After some discussion about pulling the contract, Abigor agreed under one condition: the four humans fought in the arena. If they all agreed to fight (without using powers) and lived, he would stop the construction for one year, leaving the Lluaran time to figure out a new strategy. All four agreed.

In the arena they fought 13. Sani lured Cragga into traps. Naiora and Serafina fended off a mounted Cragga. Maloran speared a Lluaran. And Stangil rained destruction. When the last opponent was dead, Serafina lit the dead Feoral on fire and rushed a wall of fire around the edge of the ring to entice the crowd.

Abigor greeted them after they were seen by a healer and cleaned up. He said they were invited to a festival later that night and that he would keep his end of the deal.


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