The March of Ages

Oh, Shaeth!

Stangil's Sweaty Day

When we last left our intrepid adventurers… a messenger had been sent to the villa to see if the human delegates were going to meet with Voranyth. Their meeting was in an hour. Everyone raced out.

At the base of the mountain, there were two ways to reach the top. Baskets were available to lift passengers, or people could take the walking path that zig-zagged and wound its way up. Stangil, Serafina, Arianna and Belaric chose to run while the rest gathered into the baskets.

At the path’s terminus, an impatient Stangil shoved the Drekar who were operating the basket lifts out of the way and cranked the mechanism, speeding up the baskets. The group had a few moments to rest and attempt to dry their sweaty clothes.

On their way into Voranyth’s chamber, Stangil noticed the architecture was very old and similar to Fire Drake Mountain. The chamber looked very similar to that of Leopa’s in Kuskarosa. Treasure abounded and as they walked, more and more magical items could be detected. Toward the very back there was a lot of power.

As they were led to Voranyth, it became clear that this would be a very carefully handled conversation. Voranyth was three to four hundred feet long and at least twenty feet tall, sitting. His aura gleamed brightly. The humans (and Arianna) kneeled reverently, according to custom.

Voranyth was cordial and very interested in the humans as well as whatever Arianna was. He inquired about the humans’ interests in traveling so far and meeting with him. Stangil and Serafina explained that they were interested in opening trade routes and offering Voranyth representation on the counsel.

While they conversed, Stangil carved a statue of Voranyth using various metals and crystals. It was a beautiful likeness and Voranyth was appreciative. Serafina asked about Kalloruth, tensions, open war, and Arkons. They discussed for hours the differences between the two rulers. Voranyth seemed unconcerned or unconvinced that the table could be tipped in favor of one dragon or the other. He said that there has always been a balance because they are equals. When Stangil asked why they destroyed Leopa, he responded that it was merely the way of the dragons.

Lastly, they discussed Gorug and the Twisted Men. Stangil offered the suggestion to give them land and recognize them as their own tribe or house. Voranyth was willing to consider if their worth was proven and proper tribute had been made.

After the meeting, most of the ensemble returned to the villa while Stangil and Serafina (with Belaric and Arianna in tow) found the capital building and attempted to see Tol’Storig. The guard made them wait while a page sent word. While they waited, he offered them a drink. His name was Porter and he suggested that if they had a rough day, they might want to pop into a local tavern, the Porcelain Chamber Pot. After nearly an hour the page returned to inform them that they had a meeting with Tol’Storig the next day when the eagle reached the sun’s zenith… so like, noon.

That evening the four enjoyed the dive bar briefly before finding an unsanctioned fighting pit for Stangil to blow off some steam. It was literally underground but a disappointing experience. The fight manager matched Stangil with an unfortunately inexperienced youth, who was quickly sliced sideways. Itching for a more worthy opponent, Stangil was given directions to another fighting pit and a seashell. This time, he was instructed not to mention being some big shot human who had just met with Voranyth.

The second fighting pit was a more established setup. Above ground in the warehouse district, the seashell allowed them access. Quickly, Serafina found smoked boar, beer, and good seats up front. Tirron, the fight manager, explained to Stangil that the first fight would be a sort of try-out and if he passed, he would enter the tournament with fifteen other competitors.

Belaric noticed that Tirron was a brother of the Taalen’Vost and Serafina noticed that he was awakened. Tirron gave Serafina, Belaric, and Arianna VIP seating. Stangil gave Serafina 1000 gold to wager with, which she immediately bet all on him winning the tournament.

The try-out barely lasted a minute and Stangil easily knocked the first guy on his ass. In the first bracket, Stangil easily defeated a man wielding a spear by picking him up by the neck with one hand and throwing him down on his back. After circling each other some, Stangil grabbed the man in a bear hug and dropped him to the ground. He was dragged out of the ring. Fight two was against a gimmicky character with a trident and a net. They danced back and forth until Stangil was able to snatch up the net and throw it on his opponent. Despite the third opponent carrying two hand-axes, he was on the defense as soon as the fight began. Stangil’s offense was described as a rabid monkey. The man was slashed from shoulder to waist and coins began raining down from the spectators.

The final fight was against a man holding a two-handed five-foot sword. This was a real fight and a worthy adversary. When the fighter knocked Cybil out of Stangil’s hands, Stangil willed Cybil back and changed her form from ax to sword. The crowd was silenced and the fighter looked terrified. They went toe to toe a while longer and it was a good show for the house. Eventually, Stangil had him on his knees and took a slash from Cybil to the back. He blindly swung back and Stangil responded by kicking him in the back of the head, knocking him out. Stangil walked away with a few cuts.

Serafina and Belaric cheered and collected winnings. Stangil only kept his original thousand and gave the rest to Serafina, who seemed not to know what to do with it.

Back at the house, Julian stitched up Stangil while shaking his head.

In the morning, everyone packed and prepared to leave as soon as Stangil and Serafina were done with their lunch meeting.

At the capital building, the same guard, Porter was at the gate. He seemed even more drunk than the evening before and Stangil asked if he and Serafina were related. They did not wait outside long before they were shown to a waiting room within the building. The waiting room contained a large portrait of Tol’Storig that Serafina made faces at while they sat patiently. They were eventually led to a large ballroom with a table set for a meal.

They found their lunch with Tol’Storig unsatisfying. He claimed that a messenger made an error and that is why they were not informed of their meeting with Voranyth in a timely manner. That messenger had been punished accordingly. When inquired, he said the punishment was to be drawn and quartered. Serafina detected insincerity in his story but gladly sat through the fifteen course meal with accompanying cocktails. On their way out, while passing by the waiting room, the portrait of Tol’Storig mysteriously ignited.

The group picked up a job as protection for a merchant caravan headed toward the twin citadels and embarked on their journey to Fey’Oth. The caravan stopped at the citadel and the party decided to head through the mountain pass without an escort. It would take ten days and they did not want to wait around.

Serafina and Stangil spotted a dark shadow on a ridge that seemed to be following them. Serafina “snuck” down the road, grinding rocks beneath her feet as quietly as possible while Stangil snuck up ahead on a ledge. He felt a pointed object in his back and knew it was Akelecth. Meanwhile, Serafina spotted a campfire and three figures up ahead. As she approached she recognized the large one and began running toward it. She gleefully leaped into Shykelith’s arms.

The humans had been reunited with the FimmDrekar.


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