The March of Ages

Here We Go

3 Days

Serafina returned to Voltierra early the next morning to find that Belladonna had arrived the night before. Feeling very out of place, she left and wandered around the city before winding up sitting in front of a drink, contemplating. Aleetha found Serafina and convinced her that she belonged. After an afternoon of shopping for chocolate and spices (to make a dinner that would hopefully usher Aleetha into labor), they returned home and Serafina had a talk with Belaric about living with them.

Stangil came home, wearily, to Julian and told him about

The Last Day

Stangil and Julian spent the day on the lake fishing and enjoying quality time together. Sani conducted business, as usual. However, a strange thing occurred that day. Serafina hosted a dinner party. Among the guests were Braeden Brightburn, Sosyth Toth-Iluith, Odoth Illuith, Bruinen, his wives, Sani, Stangil, and Julian.

The dinner was lavish and included every Dolgari dish and dessert that Serafina knew how to cook. Arianna and Laudengaul stopped by to see Stangil. Everyone enjoyed their evening, the food, the company, and a chance to say a proper goodbye.

Stangil, Serafina (with Naiora in tow), Sani, and Maloran all met in Aristos’s tower before midnight for the ritual. As promised, Ithaca was there to help. At the last moment, just before the teleportation, Idara appeared.

A Place -Un-Familiar

Stangil, Serafina, and Sani awoke to a raging battle. Lluaran were fighting wraiths. The Great Heart Tree was on fire with children in it. And Rondal was fighting Trelias. Serafina acted quickly to extinguish the fire on the Great Heart Tree while Sani climbed to save the children. Stangil joined his son against the drake.

The heroes fought back the wraiths and took down Trelias. The dreamscape dissipated. They awoke in the forest, quiet, bound, disarmed.

Lluaran appeared and Sani spoke with them. The others were freed. Maloran lay unconscious. Several weeks west were the ghosts and mysterious fires. One day north was an area under attack by Cragga. And the one the Lluaran call the Mad Shadow, Cernunnos, had returned. The Lluaran were fighting on three fronts and losing ground rapidly.

A decision was made immediately and the were to head north to speak with the Cragga.


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