The March of Ages


The humans returned to their quarters swiftly that night. They were immediately aware of the mistake that had been made and the insult that they had directed at Kalloruth. The next morning Serafina asked Governor Anton to requested another audience with Kalloruth so they could repair the damage that had been done and apologize. Messages were sent to Voranyth and each Arkon explaining the vision and requesting a cessation of hostilities, for the good of everyone. A special message was sent to Arkon Desrond Toth to warn him about the dangers of fighting over Aesteryl and to invite him to send an emissary to the annual summit in Voltierra. Finally, Serafina commissioned a sword as a gift for Braeden Brightburn, who would be transporting them home when they left Fey’oth.

Guildmaster Gunnick sent a letter containing a trade agreement to Stangil Drakebane for review.

The humans laid low that day and patiently awaited news of a second chance with Kalloruth. That night, Reikasha visited Stangil. He was in possession of a frozen tear from Leopa, with the ability to contain Kalloruth’s power for a moment. Stangil explained that they had decided to take a safer course of action. Reikatha’s parting thoughts were, “you’ll be sorry.”

Three weeks passed before Serafina and Stangil were granted another audience with Cardinal Durden. They explained to him that their intentions were to apologize to Kalloruth, make amends, and discuss Aesteryl.

They then met with Kalloruth. Stangil apologized for his fiery words. Kalloruth demanded that the humans did not trade with the Arkons of the southern lands. A compromise was made that they would trade openly with all, but not in war goods. Kalloruth agreed to send Drekar to live outside of Aesteryl and defend it against Voranyth’s mercenaries in return for shared knowledge and power. The meeting was successful and no blood was shed.

After, the FimmDrekar sat down to dessert with the humans. Despite this being the first they had been able to spend time together and having a reason to celebrate, the Fimm Drekar seemed on edge. Serafina pressed the issue until Garceroth revealed in an outburst that Shykelith had vouched for them and taken a lashing for their insolence toward Kalloruth.

That night, with heavy hearts, Serafina wrote a heartfelt letter of appreciation and apology to Shykelith and Stangil made a beautiful replica of her ship. Serafina delivered her letter to Shykelith personally with a salve she made for her wounds.

On the morning of their departure, the humans were sent off with words of farewell and gifts from the Fimm Drekar. They boarded the Crimson Raven and set sail.


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