The March of Ages

A Grateful Homecoming...

...and an Ungrateful Stay

Autumn had arrived. Serafina Anduril, Sani Nodin, Adlei Rhiggs, Rondal, and their new companion, Cadimus were traveling from the Grimvald to the Great Heart Tree. They discussed Somnambuliss and Serafina’s faith in him along with Ouroboros’s plan to wipe out the Lluaran. Rondal still retained parts of his memories of Ouroboros and Cadimus had the memories of the Dy’Voth he had taken. They shared information and Serafina asked insightful questions. Some Dy’Voth are awakened with fire, ether, or both.

Rondal could not withstand the draw of the honey and was struggling with lower and lower doses. Cadimus took watch for Serafina and she trusted him.

Three days out they came across Dy’Voth tracks and discovered that General Durand had a perimeter encircling the Great Heart tree about two days out.

The Great Heart Tree itself was surrounded by a wall of new heart trees. Ky’Lea greeted Sani and Adlei upon their return. Serafina stayed outside the wall with Cadimus.

Sani spoke with Ancient Thyiss and Elbria. Twenty-eight Seedlings were now there. Adlei referred to Cadimus as “it” and Thyiss instructed Sani to welcome them inside the wall.

While settling in for the night, Serafina and Cadimus had a heart to heart until picked up by Sani and Rondal. Serafina gave Sani and Cadimus the honey. Sani had the bulk and gave it to Ky’Lea for safe keeping. Serafina inspected the Great Heart Tree and noticed that most of her and Stangil’s blood had washed off. There was some power still pulsing but not out of Ouroboros’s brand.

Sani went up into the tree and spoke with Delona and Ky’Lea, who both cooed over his heroic stories. Meanwhile, Serafina prayed before falling asleep in a lean-to outside in the mud. Still wearing Rondal’s shirt from weeks before. With broken ribs and ether burns all over.

The next morning Rondal had a particularly aggressive attitude when he was told that the drugs were being cut off. Serafina asked for food, clothes and bandages and was met with glares of disgust. Eventually, the healer, Te’Mal came to her aid. He also told her that her soul was burnt as well as her skin. Sani and Adlei debated over telling Thyiss about Cadimus before finally checking on Serafina.

Despite intense discomfort and physical ailments, she had enough spirit to begin yelling at the Lluaran for being stubborn and ungrateful. She gave Adlei an earful as well before offering him the best suggestions she had to aid in this war. She could speak with Braxys about sending the new humans to fight, but they were no less than six months out. They could ask the Cragga in Kunik for help now that they were at an armistice. Adlei did not like either option.

Sani dealt with a detoxing Rondal ransacking his room before going to speak with Thyiss and disclose all of the truth. Thyiss told Sani that he had to live with knowing that the world has a little more darkness because of him.

Sani eventually was able to look over the map and scrolls with Cadimus before an alarm went off in camp. A Dy’Voth emissary had arrived. Her name was Milana.

Milana spoke with Serafina, Sani, and Cadimus. In fluent Lluaran she said that General Durand was willing to talk peace. Serafina noticed that Milana had the abilities of a reader and was careful not to lie.

The four embarked on a two day journey to the General’s camp, leaving Rondal and Adlei at the Great Heart Tree.


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